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Microsoft Patch Tuesday, February 2021 Edition

Microsoft today rolled out updates to plug at least 56 security holes in its Windows operating systems and other software. Nine of the 56 vulnerabilities earned Microsoft’s most urgent “critical” rating, meaning malware or miscreants could use them to seize remote control over unpatched systems with little or no help from users. Yes, good people of the Windows […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, January 2021 Edition

Microsoft today released updates to plug more than 80 security holes in its Windows operating systems and other software, including one that is actively being exploited and another which was disclosed prior to today. Ten of the flaws earned Microsoft’s most-dire “critical” rating, meaning they could be exploited by malware or miscreants to seize remote control over unpatched […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, December 2020 Edition

Microsoft today released 58 security fixes across 10+ products and services, as part of the company’s monthly Patch Tuesday. More than a third of this month’s patches (22) are classified as remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities. These are security bugs that need to be addressed right away as they are more easily exploitable, with no user interaction, either […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, November 2020 Edition

Microsoft today released fixes for 112 separate flaws, including one zero-day vulnerability that is already being exploited to attack Windows users. Tracked as CVE-2020-17087, the zero-day was disclosed on October 30 by the Google Project Zero and TAG security teams. Google said the vulnerability was being exploited together with a Chrome zero-day to target Windows 7 and Windows […]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, October 2020 Edition

Microsoft today fixed at least 87 security problems in Windows and programs that run on top of the operating system. By far, the most dangerous bug patched this month is CVE-2020-16898. Described as a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in the Windows TCP/IP stack, this bug can allow attackers to take over Windows systems by sending […]